Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

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Need to remove a tree? prune branches? Maybe you need firewood while camping or need a shelter in a survival situation? You will now have the sawdust flying in no time with Sportsman Industries Pocket Chainsaw. This 3 foot saw is a cutting beast! It cuts logs, branches and tree roots in seconds with its razor sharp teeth. This saw is ideal for clearing trees blocking your road or path in the outdoors and can be used by anyone. This light weight,strong compact saw comes with its own carrying case with belt loop so it will never leave your side. The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is designed to rip through the hardest of wood easily cutting in confined spaces and is specially treated to help prevent rust and corrosion. Whether camping or in a survival situation, this saw will never let you down.This is essentially a chain saw in your pocket! The 36″ chain benefits over a shorter 24″ saw, -Longer chain means longer strokes with more teeth and faster cutting time -Easier to cut higher branches -Longer chain means better body posture when cutting equals less fatigue -Cuts thicker wood Directions Wrap the chain around the object you wish to cut with the sharp teeth facing the wood pulling evenly with one hand and extending with the other in a sawing motion. Use long smooth strokes when cutting for efficiency. Price  $24.99



20120104-00110_resizeThis cool saw just works!

If your not impressed after using this incredible Saw, Sportsman Industries offers a Lifetime money back guarantee! Buy yours now with confidence! Makes a great gift!